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Laura Bryannan

just another rabid fangirl writing yaoi

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For the purposes of the LiveJournal community, I'm a writer of Samurai Champloo fanfiction. Mostly yaoi, but I do some hentai pieces as well. The stories I've published on LJ are archived in Memories, the rest are on my website. Please go take a peek. Thanks for reading.

I moderate unholy_union, a Samurai Champloo fanworks community. If you've got fanfiction or fanart of the !ploos, we'd love to see it posted there.

If you want to know what the rest of me is about, you can check out my personal website here. I've written lots of non-fiction on various metaphysical subjects. The website also hosts my book, Dancing in the Shadows: Individual and Group Processes for Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse.

Samurai Champloo is OT3 Love
art by Saimin

SEIYUU Blog Crew Sato Ginpei

Saiyuki is Sparkly Love

Koisuru Bokun is Homicidal Love
stamp by Arai-Hime