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Knockin' on Heaven's Door Archive

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Jul. 23rd, 2009 | 11:42 pm

Title: Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Theme: Emo techie meets MD, but not all is as it seems
Rating: M, slash/yaoi

Here's be where you can keep track of this story.

[Part 1] They meet.
[Part 2]

[Part 3] First close encounter and its aftermath.
[Part 4]

[Part 5] Dylan's plotting succeeds!
[Part 6]

[Part 7] Second close encounter and Dylan overhears a mysterious conversation.
[Part 8]

[Part 9] The smexy calm before the storm.
[Part 10]
[Part 11]

[Part 12] Uh oh.
[Part 13]

[Part 14] A little hope.
[Part 15]

[Part 16] The Letter and more good news.
[Part 17]

[Part 18] The reunion!
[Part 19]

[Part 20] Dylan plays detective and another close encounter.
[Part 21]
[Part 22]

[Part 23] More trouble.
[Part 24]
[Part 25]

[Part 26] The happy resolution.

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Comments {2}

(no subject)

from: kogepant
date: Jul. 24th, 2009 12:52 pm (UTC)

so... they'll all be added here? 8D And I can check daily for yum? 8D And... *pushes toolbarbookmarkbutton* YAY \0/

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Laura Bryannan

(no subject)

from: laurabryannan
date: Jul. 24th, 2009 02:10 pm (UTC)

I'll still put up the chapters as individual posts, but the "previous chapters" link will be directed here.

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