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This guy has it right

Hubby found this the other night and I have to share. I voted for Hillary, make no mistake, but if you want to know how President Trump happened, here is a big hunk of the answer.

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First flower this season

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A pretty little Lenten Rose, called such because they tend to blossom around Easter.   They are twitchy like peonys, and take a long time to bloom after they're relocated, so this is the first flower I've seen since I planted them several years ago.
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Bye Sammy

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We lost our own grumpycat today to cancer. He was only five, and healthy up until yesterday, so it was a bit of a shock. He showed up in our yard when he was about four months old, and it took a month to tame him. We called him The Sad-eyed Kitten until he became Sad-eyed Sam.

Now he's crossing the Rainbow Bridge. *sniff*
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DIY Biore facial

Unhappily discovering I was out Biore strips, I decided to mix up this great recipe I found on Pinterest to make your own. You can use this formula anywhere you want major exfoliation, not just your nose, but I would keep it off your tender eye area. It hardens like glue* and then you peel it off like a Biore strip for your whole face!

1 T (one pkg) Gelatine powder
2 T milk

Wash your face ahead of time. Combine together and then nuke for 10-15 seconds. Apply IMMEDIATELY, making sure you have it thick enough to have something to grab when it dries. It takes at least 15 minutes to dry, maybe longer if you applied thicker. You'll know it's ready when you feel no coolness and you can't move your face. ^_^ Then peel carefully, and enjoy totally smooth skin underneath.

A few caveats: It smells kinda funky until it starts to dry, and it can be a little owie to pull off your skin. Moisturize well afterward.


*If all this seems too much trouble, I've read that Elmer's Glue works well as a masque too, although I haven't personally tried it myself.
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Sherlock holiday mini episode

When I heard about this I was bummed not living in the UK and all, thinking I'd miss it, but some sweet person has uploaded it to youtube. All ye fans of Martin and Benedict, enjoy Many Happy Returns, the totally adorable prequel to Season Three.